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EPAL Pallets

Certified Quality: PALLETEX, Bangalore's EPAL Pallets for Reliable and Recognized Logistics Solutions

EPAL Pallets Manufacturers in Bangalore

PALLETEX, Bangalore is proud to offer EPAL Pallets, the gold standard in pallets for global trade. EPAL (European Pallet Association) Pallets are renowned for their exceptional quality, durability, and compatibility. As a trusted provider of pallet solutions, we bring you EPAL Pallets that meet the highest industry standards.

EPAL Pallets are manufactured according to strict guidelines, ensuring consistent dimensions and load-bearing capacities. These pallets undergo stringent quality control checks to guarantee their reliability and performance. When you choose EPAL Pallets from PALLETEX, you can trust that you are getting a pallet that is built to last.

Our EPAL Pallets are designed for seamless integration into international supply chains. They are compatible with various handling equipment and meet the requirements of standardized logistics processes. With EPAL Pallets, you can ensure smooth and efficient material flow, whether it's for import or export operations.

One of the key advantages of EPAL Pallets is their versatility. They can be used across a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and warehousing to transportation and distribution. Their standardized dimensions and load capacities make them ideal for optimizing storage space and facilitating the movement of goods.

At PALLETEX, we understand the importance of sustainability and responsible sourcing. Our EPAL Pallets are made from high-quality wood materials that are sourced from sustainable forests. By choosing EPAL Pallets, you are not only investing in a superior pallet solution but also contributing to environmental preservation.

EPAL Pallets offer exceptional durability, ensuring that your goods are protected during transport and storage. They are designed to withstand heavy loads and provide a stable platform for your products. With their robust construction, EPAL Pallets minimize the risk of product damage and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

PALLETEX is committed to delivering superior quality and customer satisfaction. Our EPAL Pallets undergo rigorous quality control processes to meet the stringent requirements of global trade. We strive to provide pallet solutions that optimize your logistics operations and contribute to your business success.

Choose PALLETEX for EPAL Pallets that combine reliability, compatibility, and sustainability. Experience the benefits of these industry-leading pallets in your supply chain and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your goods are in safe hands. Contact us today to discuss your EPAL Pallet requirements and let our experts assist you in finding the perfect pallet solution for your business.

Comprehensive Technical Specifications and Details for High-Quality Wooden Pallets Manufactured by PALLETEX, a Leading Provider in Bangalore, India

Pallet Size: 800 x 1200 x 144 mm 1200 x 1000 x 162 mm 1000 x 1200 x 144 mm
Boards: 11
17 13
Nails: 78 133 84
Blocks: 9 9 9
Length: 800 mm 1200 mm 1000 mm
Width: 1200 mm 1000 mm 1200 mm
Height: 144 mm 162 mm 144 mm
Weight: Approx. 25 kg Approx. 35 kg Approx. 30 kg
Dynamic Load Capacity: 1500 kg 1250 kg 1500 kg
Static Load Capacity: 4000 kg 4000 kg 4000 kg